Sunday, February 1, 2009

You can't buy ANYTHING!

NO SALE! ~ A Party!

Do you frequently suffer from the effects of buyer’s remorse? Are you commitment phobic about investing in candles? Does the thought of buying great stuff send you into a cold sweat?

Then I have the solution for you…

Come by Cloaked Realm ~ Pagan Emporium on Sunday February 22, 2009 from Noon to 4PM where we’ll refuse to sell you everything. That’s right you can beg, plead, whine, cry and have temper tantrums all you want but I’m not going to sell you anything. Promise! And for all your hard work we’ll even make it a party!

Please expect lots of great conversation, food, music and fantastically priced items that you will not be allowed to leave with. We’re hiding the cash register!


We are doing this because we want you to come by and see Cloaked Realm without feeling obligated to buy something and we want you meet great people, become community connected and find out what's going on in Winnipeg! Best of all we want you to have fun!

Party starts at Noon and feel free to bring a potluck type item if you wish.

***In addition to the party we will also be having hourly draws for fantastic Cloaked Realm merchandise. There will five draws in total; one early bird draw and four hourly draws; but you have to be present to win!