Thursday, December 1, 2011

Holiday Sale and Customer Appreciation Day!

We've been holding this wee bit of juicy news under our toques for the last few weeks but now its time to let the world know that we love you!

Elemental Book and Curiosity Shop Inc is hosting a HUGE party, just for you! (355 Langside Street, north of Portage)

* Incense * Crystals * Essential Oils * Jewelry *
* Tapestries * Candles * Tarot Cards * Books * Statuary *
* Faeries * Original Local Art * Home Decor * Calendars *
* Posters * Readings and Classes!

Join us December 10th, 2011 from 12pm to 8pm!

* Dodie will be offering an amazing TAROT reading special 20mins for $20

* Monica will also be offering ANGEL CARD readings for 20mins for $20

* Starting at 1pm Michelle will be offering FREE Reiki Attunements

* Kathy will also be offering Celtic Reiki Healings and Chakra Balancing

* Marjie will be in offering ASTRO DICE readings (a form of quick astrology)

* Elemental will also be offering AMAZING one day only holiday discounts (door crashers and hourly specials) PLUS a FREE gift for everyone who walks through the door. AND if you bring someone who hasn't been to the shop before you get an extra special gift for being so freaking wonderful!

* And if this wasn't enough we'll also be feeding you holiday treats from Orange Lily and Organic Planet plus homemade hot apple cider!

SO come early and hang out! All are welcome! Meet new people, reconnect with old friends and be appreciated for all the gifts that you have to offer!