Monday, December 21, 2009

Witches Mardi Gras Social ~ February 13, 2010

Gaia Winnipeg is hosting a Witches Mardi Gras Social!

Wear a costume! Dance the night away!

Food! Music! Silent Auction! Prizes! Costume Parade!

Tickets are $15.00 and can be purchased at Cloaked Realm ~ Pagan Emporium located 381 Agnes Street (homebased operations closed June 7th, 2010), open Sunday Noon to 4PM.

OR from a friendly Gaia Winnipeg volunteer.

Volunteers will be on hand at the January 18th Pagan Pub Moot at the Kings Head Pub.

What is Gaia Winnipeg?

Gaia Winnipeg was birthed by the team of volunteers who coordinated the Gaia Gathering 2007 in Winnipeg. It is an open and inclusive group for planning events and coordinating local efforts at building Pagan Community in Winnipeg.

Gaia Winnipeg continues the energy and inspiration of Gaia Gathering: Canadian National Pagan Conference throughout the Wheel, drawing on the creativity, connections, ideas, and relationships developed through the experience of hosting GG 2007.

In the past we raised bursary funds to sponsor Winnipeg delegates to Gaia Gatherings in Winnipeg 2007, Ottawa 2008 and Vancouver 2009.

Our goal is to assist Manitoba Pagans to attend future Gaia Gatherings in Guelph 2010 and beyond. We intend to achieve this goal through hosting local events that encourage community-building and raise funds.