Friday, November 21, 2008

Witchy Ware Party ~ Yule Fair 2.0 ~ Sunday, December 14th, 2008 ~ Noon to 6PM

Yes, I know we already had a Yule edition for this year but due to popular demand Cloaked Realm will be having one more Witchy Ware Party - Yule Fair 2.0 before the end of the year. AND we'll have it on a Sunday!

Here is what you can expect to find through Cloaked Realm on December 14th, 2008...

* Yule Tree ornaments
* Handmade Recycled Spell Paper
* Handmade Door/Window Wards
* Handmade pocket charms
* Tapestries (Gorgeous by the way!)
* Spell Candles (mini and multi day)
* Altar Cloths
* Handmade Altar cloths
* Altar Tools (handmade in Winnipeg!)
* Goddess Statuary
* Wall Hangings
* Incense (resin and stick)
* Trinket Boxes
* Buddha Figures
* Bayberry Candles (spell size)
* Beeswax Candles (Local producers)
* Cauldrons (the largest selection in Winnipeg!)
* Books (Various)
* Witches Date Books and Calendars (Limited stock, get them before they are gone!)
* Herbs (Various)
* Gemstone Pendants
* Sterling Silver Jewelry
* Sarongs
* Handcrafted wood Pendants (Exclusive)
* Ritual Dead Sea Bath Salt
* Decorative Brooms
* Witchy Art
* Handmade Glass Pendulums
* Wildcrafted Manitoba Sweetgrass
* Real Manitoba Beeswax Altar Patens

Semi-Precious Gemstones

* Amethyst
* Clear Quartz
* Smokey Quartz
* Carnelian
* Citrine
* Magnetic Hematite
* Hematite
* Onyx
* Sodalite
* Bloodstone
* Rose Quartz
* Moonstone
* Malachite Chunks
* Quartz Points
* Amber
* Fluorite
* Amethyst Clusters

Cloaked Realm has extended is special on herbs...

All pre-packaged 1 ounce herbs are 25% off! (Making room for new stock) Don't miss this opportunity at a fantastic deal!

***Please note that Debit and Credit Card transactions are not available at the store currently. Cash only please.***