Monday, November 3, 2008

Witchy Ware Yule Fair on November 8th, 2008

Cloaked Realm's next Witchy Ware Party is being held November 8th,
2008 from Noon to 7PM at
381 Agnes Street (homebased operations closed June 7th, 2010). This
will be the last Witchy Ware Party for the year so....

We're going to make it a Yule Fair Event too! Come by and get your Yule shopping done all in one place!

Not only will all the great products brought to you by Cloaked Realm be available we'll also have special guest Pagan artists offering their wares for sale.

We have three artists confirmed for the fair...
* Aradia Earth and Sky (witchy pottery)
* Black Raven Mercantile (chainmail)
* Gaia's Gardner (Salves, heritage seeds and oils)

***We have space for one more artist please contact Anwynn if you would like more information.***

Here is what you can expect to find through Cloaked Realm on November 8th...
* Yule Tree ornaments
* Handmade Recycled Spell Paper
* Handmade Door/Window Wards
* Handmade pocket charms
* Handmade Runes
* Tapestries (Gorgeous by the way!)
* Spell Candles (mini and multi day)
* Altar Cloths
* Handmade Altar cloths
* Altar Tools (handmade in Winnipeg!)
* Goddess Statuary
* Wall Hangings
* Incense (resin; stick and loose)
* Trinket Boxes
* Buddha Figures
* Bayberry Candles (spell size)
* Beeswax Candles (Local producers)
* Cauldrons (the largest selection in Winnipeg!)
* Books (Various)
* Witches Date Books and Calendars
* Herbs (Various)
* Gemstone Pendants
* Sterling Silver Jewelry
* Handmade Jewelry from Recycled Newspaper
* Sarongs
* Handcrafted Wood Pendants(Exclusive)
* Ritual Dead Sea Bath Salt
* Decorative Brooms
* Witchy Art
* Handmade Glass Pendulums
* Wildcrafted Manitoba Sweetgrass
* Real Manitoba Beeswax Altar Patens

Semi-Precious Gemstones
* Amethyst
* Clear Quartz
* Smokey Quartz
* Carnelian
* Citrine
* Magnetic Hematite
* Hematite
* Onyx
* Sodalite
* Bloodstone
* Rose Quartz
* Moonstone
* Malachite Chunks
* Quartz Points
* Amber
* Fluorite
* Amethyst Clusters
* And much more!

Cloaked Realm has extended is special on herbs...

All pre-packaged 1 ounce herbs are 25% off! (Our supplier changed their packaging so we are making room for new
stock) Don't miss this opportunity at a fantastic deal!

Refreshments will be served. Don't miss this event!